GallerySearch for CE3 1.1.0 Update

Daniel Leu has updated his GallerySearch for CE3 add-on to version 1.1.0. He submits: The next version of GallerySearch is available. It now supports Google Maps and has some additional setup checks and more refined error messages. GallerySearch-1.1.0: * Added support for Google Maps * Enhanced setup checks and refined error reports Upgrading from a [...]

Basic Develop view in the new Lightroom Mobile; image from Hoi An, Vietnam.

Lightroom 5.4, Lightroom Mobile for iPad

Big things happening in the Adobesphere today. Lightroom 5.4 is now available, offering a slew of new camera and lens support, bug fixes and other goodness. But the big headline is the announcement and release of Lightroom Mobile (LrM) for iPad. The important points to know about LrM are: LrM is a free download in [...]

Located nearby Hoi An, Vietnam, Mỹ Sơn is a cluster of abandoned and partially ruined Hindu temples constructed between the 4th and the 14th century AD by the kings of Champa.

Processing Workflow: Meaning in the stars

Following my recent interview on the Victoria Bampton’s blog, I’ve received some comments and messages about my processing workflow, specifically relating to my rating system for images. I’m traveling through Vietnam at the moment, shooting a lot of new images along the way, and thought I’d use some of my downtime and new images to [...]

Kampong Phluk

In the court of the Lightroom Queen

Victoria Bampton, a.k.a. the Lightroom Queen, has interviewed me for her ongoing “What’s Your Workflow … ?” series of articles, in which she talks to well-known Lightroom users about what they do, and how they do it. I’m honored to have been invited to participate. You can read the interview at the Lightroom Queen’s blog.


CE3 Updates for Feb. 2014

A hefty round of maintenance updates today, recommended for all users. The list of updated plugins includes: 2014 HTML Gallery TTG CE3 Auto Index TTG CE3 Cart TTG CE3 Client Response Gallery TTG CE3 Gallery TTG CE3 Pages TTG CE3 Stage TTG CE3 Theme for WordPress Of note, we’ve made improvements to the Photoswipe script [...]


On Watermarks and Preventing Unauthorized Image Use

This evening I stumbled upon an article on another expat’s blog dated February 2013 running two of my photographs, without permission and without attribution. This article was listed first under the blog’s Top Posts, making it the most-read article on the site. As you might expect, the unauthorized and unattributed use of my images put [...]



PUSHING LIGHT: Extending Dynamic Range with HDR & Other Techniques is the latest ebook from Craft & Vision author Piet Van den Eynde, one of my favorite authors writing on Lightroom and photography in general. The book is a 112-page discussion about the tools available to photographers to manipulate the most basic building materials of [...]

The new "Warm Stone" theme for the 2014 HTML Gallery.

Update: 2014 HTML Gallery 1.0.2

Happy New Year!! It’s 2014, and so we are rightly updating the 2014 HTML Gallery as our first act of the new year. I’ve been harvesting feedback and polling opinions to bring you this 1.0.2 update, so I think you’re going to like these changes, because you asked for them.

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